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Published:May 22nd, 2015 09:32 EST

Flavor Flav: Minstrel Show Performer For a Jaded Generation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rap icon FLAVOR FLAV has been arrested in Las Vegas following a traffic stop. Police pulled the Public Enemy star over early on Thursday (21May15) and booked him for speeding and on suspicion of driving under the influence. They also allegedly caught him in possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license."



Two questions immediately come to mind:

Are Whoopi Goldberg and Flavor Flav identical twins?

Is Flavor Flav ever going to grow up?

Flavor Flav`s antics, shenanigans and myriad misdemeanors were somewhat comical when he was a young rapper with Public Enemy, but at 56-years-old his routine is played out.

As a member of Public Enemy, Flav got the crowd pumped-up by wearing big hats, big glasses and a large clock dangling from his skinny neck.

In his later years Flav entertains viewers by playing up to offensive black stereotypes and caricatures in various reality shows.

Flavor Flav you are a pathetic joke, you bring dishonor to African American in general, and to rappers in particular.

You are a minstrel show performer for a jaded generation, check out that huge clock you`re wearing; your time is up sucka.

Flavor Flav dead ringer for Whoopi, or what:

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