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Published:May 22nd, 2015 10:19 EST

Passenger Gets Naked to Protest Overbooked Flight

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An unusual scene at Charlotte Douglas caught the attention of passengers, and police.

A man stripped down to the buff right in front of everyone, including kids. A passenger, Sherry Ketchie, snapped photos on her cell phone. Ketchie says he stood there in the nude for about 40 minutes before police finally escorted him away."



The elderly man stripped naked in the concourse because he was mad about an overbooked flight. I can understand the passenger`s frustration, but why take it out on the unfortunate passengers who were forced to look upon his decrepit naked body?

The crazy old codger stripped down to the buff in front of everyone, including children. The pervert was not arrested; however, he was taken to the hospital for psychiatric observation.

Maybe he was off his medication, but I don`t really give a flip, a day behind bars would have served him right.

If a hot 20-something young woman had stripped because her flight had been overbooked, I might have more empathy.

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