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Published:May 26th, 2015 22:41 EST

Viral Video: Dog Uses Trampoline to Escape Backyard & Follow Owner to Work

By Robert Paul Reyes

A clever dog surprised its owner on a train after making a spectacular escape from a kennel -- by using a TRAMPOLINE to bounce over a 6ft fence. Handy man Thomas McCormack, 34, was left puzzled when his pooch Paddy, four, unexpectedly followed him on his morning commute to work. The male labrador collie cross had traced him to a train station before boarding the same carriage and jumping in a seat beside him. Thomas couldn`t make sense of how his canine friend had escaped its fenced garden kennel or how it managed track him down on Friday morning. But neighbours revealed they had seen Paddy bouncing on the trampoline and jumping across the 6ft fence after Thomas left the house.


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Dogs develop a very strong attachment to their owners, and I`m not surprised that this pooch went to great lengths to follow his owner to work.

My dog always has a mournful look when I pet her on the head before going to work, but she`s not smart enough to escape my backyard. if I had a trampoline on my fenced-in backyard she might take a crap on it or rip it to shreds, but she wouldn`t use it to escape.

If my pooch Mandy followed me to work, I would take that as a divine sign that I should quit my job, and spend all of my time playing with her.

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