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Published:June 1st, 2015 10:04 EST

Hillary Clinton's Fake Southern Accent Will Make You Vomit: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton went down to Dixie this week and tried to pull off a faux Southern accent. Sweet Lord Almighty,  folks  it was pitiful.


Miss Hill`ry was drawling and dropping g`s  all over the stage during a speech to Democrats in South Carolina  the Palmetto State.

I was surprised Miss Hill`ry didn`t show up at her campaign rally in bare feet, waving a cast iron skillet and singing Dixie."

Fox News

Hillary Clinton is the most disingenuous, hypocritical and phony candidate in recent political history, as evidenced by this video in which she adopts a fake Southern accent.

I can understand a politician attempting to relate to his or her audience, but only the most craven politician will affect a cringe-worthy faux Southern accent when speaking to an audience at a chicken and waffles restaurant in Dixie.

It`s one thing to talk down to your audience, but to talk down to a Southern crowd in a bogus accent just takes the cake, or should I say cornbread?

Hillary is so confident of success that she probably imagines she can out-Bulworth Warren Beatty and get away with rapping her stump speech to a crowd in Harlem.

Everything about Hillary is counterfeit from her fake Southern twang to her reputation for being a women`s rights advocate. What kind of a feminist stands by her husband while he makes a fool out of her by serially sexually assaulting women?

Hillary is an elite one-percenter who has nothing in common with regular folks, how anyone with a modicum of intelligence can support Hillary after watching this video is beyond comprehension.

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