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Published:June 1st, 2015 10:29 EST

Woman Goes Blind in One Eye After Her Cat Licks Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Ohio woman says she went blind after her cat licked her, transmitting a potentially dangerous infection to the woman.

Janese Walters of Toledo woke up one day and couldn`t see out of her left eye, she told WTOL-TV

`I looked in the mirror and I thought I had pink eye, or something,` Walters said. `I went to the doctors and they couldn`t figure out for some time what it was.`

For more than a month, doctors were baffled by the condition, but ultimately attributed the woman`s sudden blindness to one thing: her cat."

Daily Mail

Cat scratch fever, it ain`t just a killer song by Ted Nugent   ...

Doctors discovered that Walters is suffering from cat scratch disease.  This disease is caused by bacteria that about 40 percent of cats carry through their saliva or even fur. The bacteria doesn`t harm cats, but human beings with a weak immune system and children are at risk.

My cats like to play rough and I`m been scratched by them countless times, and it`s not unusual for them to lick my eyes, face, or any other part of my body. I`m not worried about catching cat scratch disease from my furry friends, and I`m going to continue to play with them.

If you`re a bit on the paranoid side, you can wash your hands after petting your cats, and of course you can put a bandage on any open wound so they can`t lick it.

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