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Published:June 3rd, 2015 14:08 EST

Viral Video: Adorable Armadillo's Antics Appreciated by Zoo Visitors

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A visitor to the zoo in Mulhouse, France, captured video of an armadillo being foiled by its arch-nemesis: a slippery ramp."



Tired of videos featuring cute cats, adorable puppies and mischievous bear cubs?

The antics of this adorable armadillo will brighten your day.

This armadillo certainly doesn`t abide by the maxim: If at first you don`t succeed, try and try again.

The cute critter makes it past a bend to the second section of the ramp, but he quickly realizes he isn`t moving regardless how quickly it moves it legs.

The animal runs in place for a few seconds, and then gives up and runs down the ramp. A hamster could learn a lot by watching this video.

Moral of this story: If at first you don`t succeed, try and try again is for wankers. If at first you don`t succeed, give it up dude, and try your luck at something else.

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