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Published:June 6th, 2015 10:00 EST

Epic Battle Between Hello Kitty & Minnie Mouse in Times Square! The Rapure is Nigh!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This cat-and-mouse game turned into a full-fledged Times Square brawl.


Costumed hustlers dressed as Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse bared their claws while fighting over a tip Thursday " and ended up in cuffs.

The fur flew after the two posed together with some passers-by, and the Hello Kitty performer " Jiovanna Melendez, 40 " ­allegedly wouldn`t share the resulting tip with Minnie Mouse Sandra Mocha, 34."

New York Post

Times Square is in a more deplorable state than it was in the 70`s when it was teeming with porn theaters, adult book stores, prostitutes and muggers.

Today it`s riff raff dressed as superheroes and children`s comic book characters who make the iconic tourist attraction a living hell for tourists who venture into the hellhole.

The other day tourists, including many children, witnessed an epic battle between Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse  -- all over a lousy tip.

The real Hello Kitty doesn`t possess a mouth, therefore she can`t trash talk, but the ratchet Hello Kitty performer was cursing like a sailor on crack while she was pounding the living hell out of Minnie Mouse.

Spiderman tried unsuccessfully to break them apart; it`s a fool`s errand to try to try to make peace between two women.

Moral of this story: Parent foolish enough to visit Times Square with their children will probably also visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam with their kids.

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