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Published:June 7th, 2015 11:14 EST

After the Flood: Earthworm Herds Terrorize Texans! Sign of the End Times?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rangers at a Texas park said earthworms gathering in clumped herds in the middle of a road looked like someone had dumped spaghetti from their car.


Eisenhower State Park Superintendent Ben Herman said rangers checking back roads at the Denison park May 29 found earthworms fleeing storms had formed into balls in a straight line down the middle of the road.

Officials said the worms may have formed into the balls, or herds, so they could share the drier portions of pavement, or they may have formed herds because they mistook the sound of the rain for the noise of predators beating down on the ground."


I`m not sure I believe the ranger`s explanation that the earthworms formed into balls so they could share the drier portions of the pavement, call me paranoid but I think this phenomenon may portend doom for humankind.

In the aftermath of destructive and deadly floods the beleaguered citizens of Texas now have to cope with herds of earthworms; I suspect they may be as paranoid as your humble blogger.

What about your dear reader, what do you think these balls of earthworms signify? Earthworm orgy? Sign of the End Times? Satan`s spaghetti?

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