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Published:June 10th, 2015 14:21 EST

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Logo is Clunky Just Like the Candidate!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Barack Obama`s campaign logo was a design masterpiece; you still see the iconic O " logo everywhere from billboards to bumpers. Everything about Obama was cool back in 2007; I bought in to the hype and voted for him.


There is nothing cool about Hillary Clinton, from her functional hairstyle, to her pantsuit, to her screechy voice, to her clunky campaign logo.

Hillary`s logo is a patriotic blue, red and white H " with an arrow pointing right at the center. Why the patriotic colors from an internationalist elitist? Why is the arrow Republican red instead of Democratic blue? Why is it pointing right when she leans left? Why is the logo so clunky, that`s arrow must travel at analog speed.

When I see Hillary`s logo I don`t think: Here`s a forward looking stylish candidate for the digital age.

Hillary`s logo must have been designed by an untalented and humorless lesbian and not a creative and imaginative gay gentleman.

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