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Published:June 10th, 2015 13:48 EST

Thai Man Rubs Fire Ants on His Genitals, Cries in Pain Like a Schoolgirl! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

In the city of Rayong in Thailand, a young man wanted to imitate Jackass and launched the challenge to resist the stinging red ant bites. On the road, the young man undresses and keeps only his underpants. One of his friends then rub a branch, freshly cut and on which there is a nest of red ants on his penis. The man will immediately cry out in pain as the numerous bites of these little insects.


YouTube video description

Children, don`t try this at home  ...

This young Asian gentleman was seeking to imitate the antics in the Jackass film franchise, but he succeeded only in making a jackass out of himself.

His genitals were swollen to gigantic proportions after being attacked by the fire ants, I guess he can lay claim to being the only Asian on the planet with a penis that a porn star would envy.

The fool cries out in pain as the little insects feast on his little Johnson, not the smartest way to become a viral star.

If this imbecile lived in America TLC would have offered him thousands to appear in a reality series.


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