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Published:June 13th, 2015 11:47 EST

Viral Video: Beaver Gets a Suprise Welcome at National Zoo

By Robert Paul Reyes

We have a new North American beaver on American Trail! Birch just moved in and is getting acquainted with his new home. Birch`s exhibit mate, Chip, gave him quite the surprise welcome, but he recovered from the hello just fine. The two are on exhibit every day.


YouTube video description

I`ve shared dozens of videos featuring cute cats and adorable puppies, and now for something completely different here`s on featuring beavers.

A North American beaver was checking out his new home at the National Zoo in Washington when one of his new roomies snuck up behind him and scared the Bejesus out of him.

The startled beaver recovered from the surprise welcome, and I`m persuaded that the two beavers will be BFF: Beaver Friends Forever.

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