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Published:June 14th, 2015 10:57 EST

Hillary Clinton is a Pantsuit-clad Candidate From Hell! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a new Instagram account.

The first post is a photo of several pantsuits in red, white, and blue.


Have you heard that Clinton likes pantsuits? The 2016 presidential candidate has made the trope into her own campaign meme. It`s not only her first Instagram post: It is in her Twitter bio, she sells pantsuit merchandise, and it comes up frequently in her public statements."

Business Insider

Hillary Clinton will never be mistaken for a fashionista, she may wear a dress on very special occasions (inaugurations, funerals), but almost every day of her life she dons a pantsuit.

Forget about writing an email criticizing me for trivializing a female candidate by focusing on her fashion sensibilities. It`s Hillary who`s kept her penchant for wearing pantsuits in the news by frequently joking about her pantsuit obsession.

Hillary`s pantsuit fascination, begs the question why does she wear pantsuits?

There is a practical reason why Hillary covers her legs: Her blotchy wrinkled varicose vein-riddled legs would remind voters that the Grim Reaper is closer to her than her husband.

Vanity is also a reason why Hillary dons pantsuits: It`s a desperate attempt to look slim, or at least not so fat. If Hillary wore skirts or dresses displaying her chubby legs, comedians and pundits would never stop comparing her to Chris Christie.

There`s a political reason why she wears pants, it`s a symbolic way of saying: I`m  the one who wears the pants in my family, my husband won`t play a prominent role in my administration.

I wouldn`t vote for Hillary if she wore hot pants or miniskirts (Hope you`ve already eaten) instead of pantsuits, she`s the most corrupt (male of female) candidate ever to run for President of the United States.

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