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Published:June 14th, 2015 11:55 EST

Meet Matilda, The Extraterrestrial Cat: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Meet Matilda, the world`s foremost alien cat. This two-year-old female tabby suffers from an ocular issue that means she resembles an otherworldly feline being.
According to comments from Matilda`s owner on the popular Reddit forum, her distinctive look started about a year ago when the lenses in her eyes spontaneously detached, and since then her eyes have grown and she has lost most of her sight.


YouTube video description

Meet, Matilda. She`s an ordinary Tabby cat -- except for the fact that she has gigantic eyes that make her look like she`s an extraterrestrial`s pet on a flying saucer.

Matilda`s peepers may be as large as saucers, but she`s as blind as a bat. Fortunately, this rescue cat was adopted by owners who spoil her to death.

Matilda`s genetic eye disease requires her to take medicine to remain pain-free, but she will inevitably need surgery, a GoFundMe page  has been set up for the adorable kitty. Please donate to this worthy cause. 

There may not be any alien cats at your local animal shelter, but there are plenty of adorable kittens waiting for a forever home.  

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