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Published:June 15th, 2015 12:36 EST

Ducklings Get Ride to Safety From Cabbie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Checker Yellow Cabs driver Urga Adunga found a duck and nine ducklings stranded in traffic at 16th Avenue and Shaganappi Trail on Thursday.


"I didn`t want to pass them because there is no way for them to escape from the road, it`s blocked all the way," he said.

So Adunga put on his warning lights and pulled over, then stopped other cars before helping the mother duck.

With a cab full of feathered passengers, he drove the ducks to the Bow River. It`s a cab ride he estimates to be worth about $21, but of course, it was a free ride."

CBC News

A Canadian Checker Cab Cabbie from Calgary went the extra mile to save a mother duck and her nine ducklings.

When he saw mama duck and her babies stranded in heavy traffic, he didn`t just say a prayer for them, and continue down the road in search of customers. He stopped, pulled over, carried the ducks to his cab, and drove to a river where he set them free.

Cabbies have a reputation for scamming their passengers, but Adunga gave the ducks a free ride to freedom.

Kudos to Adunga for demonstrating that all life is precious and beautiful in the sight of God.

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