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Published:June 16th, 2015 16:12 EST

Old Lady Lost on Mobility Scooter Gets 6 mph Police Escort! Rapture is Near!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Washington State Patrol said a woman who became lost while riding her mobility scooter was escorted home by a trooper at 6 mph.


The patrol said Trooper Dave Hintz responded June 9 to a report of an elderly woman riding her scooter in circles on a stretch of Highway 546 in Lyden and he asked the woman to move to the side of the road.

Hintz said the woman told him she had been riding in circles because she was lost about 4 miles from home.

Hintz drove behind the woman at 6 mph to escort her home. He said the journey took more than an hour."


Senior citizens on mobility scooters are an affront to God, and a hazard to regular folks who have to give these old birds a wide berth.

Shopping in a grocery store is a nightmare when old codgers on mobility scooters clog the aisles, and give you the evil eye because you have the temerity to be on the same aisle as them.

If I ever encounter Satan he won`t be driving a luxury convertible or flying a Learjet, I suspect he will be cruising around at 5 mph on a diabolical power wheelchair.

It`s bad enough when you encounter an old person on a mobile scooter in a grocery store, but when you see an old bat on a mobile scooter on a freeway you know that the end is nigh.

The Good Samaritan cop should be summarily fired for wasting an hour escorting the clueless old lady home, and she should be banned for the rest of her life from operating a mobile scooter.

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