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Published:June 17th, 2015 15:43 EST

Judd Apatow Continues His Relentless Attack on Serial Rapist Bill Cosby! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Judd Apatow reacted to the pushback he`s received for being an outspoken critic of Bill Cosby and the former sitcom star`s supporters on Twitter during an appearance on NBC`s "Late Night with Seth Meyers.`


When Meyers asked about the response his guest had received for continually trashing Cosby in wake of dozens of sexual assault allegations, the Trainwreck director expressed confusion over why his criticism is problematic.

`Some people say, `Why do you talk about it?` Which is kind of like saying, `Leave the rapist alone,` he said. `Aren`t we supposed to say we don`t like this?`"

The Wrap

Where there`s smoke there`s fire, and when over 40 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault it`s evident that there`s a conflagration of epic proportions.

Kudos to Apatow for relentlessly speaking out against the serial rapist on social media, more celebrities should follow his example.

I can`t understand why anyone would question or criticize Apatow for speaking out against an unrepentant serial rapist.

It`s incumbent on the public in general and the entertainment business in particular to speak out against a vile serial rapist who is in the midst of a comedy tour while his victims seethe in impotent anger.

As a blogger I will continue to revile Cosby until he comes clean or drops dead.

Keep up the good work Apatow!

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