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Published:June 24th, 2015 17:54 EST

Heresy! Hillary Clinton Tells a Black Church: All Lives Matter

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing backlash for saying that `all lives matter` in an African-American church in Missouri on Tuesday, offending some who feel that she is missing the point of the `black lives matter` mantra.


Mrs. Clinton`s remarks at Christ the King United Church of Christ in Florissant, Mo.  only a few miles north of Ferguson, where a black teenager was shot by a white police officer last August  came during a broader discussion of civil rights in America.

She was talking about how a disproportionate number of young people of color are out of school and out of work and, explaining that everyone needs a chance and a champion, she recalled how her mother was abandoned as a teenager and went on to work as a maid.

`What kept you going?` Mrs. Clinton remembered asking her mother. `Her answer was very simple. Kindness along the way from someone who believed she mattered. All lives matter.`"

New York Times

I have already expressed my view on the racist mantra "black lives matter." Read my article:

#BlackLivesMatter Inherently Racist, Patently Divisive & Needlessly Confrontational

I am an iconoclastic contrarian blogger who usually leans left, but who embraces some beliefs that are considered conservative.  I can get away with espousing such heretical views, but a self-avowed liberal like Hillary Clinton is expected to toe the progressive line  100 percent of the time.

To utter the simple truth "All Lives Matter" at a black church was considered heresy  -- plain and simple. Hillary might as well have said: Enough with this Black Lives Matter tomfoolery.

Social Media immediately lit up with liberals lambasting Hillary; some black folks even went as far as to tweet that they would no longer vote for her.

Liberals shouldn`t be so harsh on Hillary, of course black lives matter to her, or to be more precise "black voters matter" to her, they will blindly vote for the Democratic presidential nominee, which unfortunately will probably by Hillary.

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