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Published:June 25th, 2015 16:37 EST

Viral Video: Golfer Gets Head Stuck in Trash Bin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A GOLFER has been captured scoring a hole-in-one with his head - by getting it stuck in a bin.


Self-employed Dave Sayer was taking part in a 24-hour charity golf tournament at Wolstanton Golf Club earlier this month when the effects of alcohol led him to attempt the stunt.

A YouTube clip recorded by a friend shows the brightly-dressed father-of-two with his head locked in place and surrounded by crowds of laughing amused friends and relatives."

The Sentinel

After a horrible round of golf this bloody fool attempted to throw his golf clubs in a trash bin, but they wouldn`t fit so he decided to put his head in the bin.

Unfortunately, this bloody wanker wasn`t Tiger Woods, if anybody should throw away his golf clubs and stick his head in a garbage bin; it`s the former world`s number one player. Woods is a discredit to his race, an embarrassment to the game of golf, and blight upon humankind.

When you`re on a golf course you have a special dispensation to dress like a clown, but this wanker was a spectacle even for a golfer.

I hope this moron gets run over by a golf cart if he dares show up on a golf course again.

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