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Published:June 29th, 2015 10:44 EST

And The World's Ugliest Dog is Quasi Modo: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"We have a winner! Quasi Modo, a hunchbacked mixed breed, has earned the title of World`s Ugliest Dog after winning a pet competition in California on June 26.


The world`s ugliest dogs gathered together at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, Calif. for the World`s Ugliest Dog event, but only one could be crowned the ultimate ugly dog. Quasi Modo, a pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix with a slight hunchback, was awarded the top prize at the June 26 contest. Hey, nobody`s perfect, and everyone is beautiful in their own way."

Hollywood Life

Some of the past winners of the "World`s Ugliest Dog " competition looked like hounds who escaped from hell, but I don`t find Quasi Modo ugly in the slightest. Modo has a regal bearing and a dignified demeanor, she`s a pretty pooch.

Quasi Modo earned a $1,500 check for her owner, and I`m sure the proud owner will spend the money on treats for her beautiful dog.

There are a lot of dogs, some beautiful, some not so much, but all kind and loving, waiting for a forever home at your local animal shelter.

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