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Published:June 29th, 2015 09:48 EST

Hillary Clinton Deserves Less Press, and Bernie Sanders Deserves More!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hillary Clinton is running as the incumbent, she disdains her Democratic opposition, and her royal highness doesn`t even deign to talk to the press. Hillary is banking on her surname and gender to carry her all the way to the White House.

Hillary`s confidence is unfounded; I`m predicting that  hubris will once again lead to her downfall. Hillary`s famous last name didn`t help her very much in 2008; she lost to a relatively unknown former community organizer with the unusual last name Obama.

Obama didn`t have much going for him besides his skill at reading from a teleprompter and his cool slogan of hope and change , but it was enough to derail the mighty Clinton machine.

It`s time for the press to take Hillary`s Democratic rivals, especially Senator Bernie Sanders, seriously. One poll released by WMUR and CNN found Sanders just 8 points behind Hillary in the crucial state of New Hampshire.

Sen. Sanders is the real deal: An avowed socialist with a real set of policy programs to help the poor and disadvantaged, as opposed to Hillary who is an elite one-percenter masquerading as a populist.

I`m praying that Hillary`s piles of cash from foreign governments won`t be enough to defeat the enthusiasm of Sander`s grassroots supporters.

Hillary`s penchant for making huge blunders (private server, Benghazi,) will eventually lose her the election, but it behooves the press to level the playing field by giving more well-deserved attention to the underdog in the race, Bernie Sanders.


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