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Published:July 7th, 2015 14:13 EST

Moron Pulls Confederate Flag From Moving Semi in Viral Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A video going viral on social media features a man running on a busy stretch of highway to grab a Confederate flag decoration from the back of a semi-truck.


The video, originally posted by Twitter user @Aftashock, shows the man run up to the back of the slow-moving Tribe Transportation truck and pull a Confederate flag decoration from the back of the vehicle."


This isn`t a blow against racism; it`s a foolhardy and cowardly act of theft.

Most truckers I know don`t suffer fools gladly, and if this moron had attempted to rip off the Confederate flag in the presence of the trucker while the truck was parked, the outraged trucker would have beaten him to a bloody pulp.

This isn`t an issue of Southern pride vs racist symbol; it`s a matter of private property and freedom of speech.

How would the young punk like it if the trucker ripped off a " Black Lives Matter" bumper sticker from his vehicle?

Can we all just get along? Live and let live!

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