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Published:July 11th, 2015 09:43 EST

English Bulldog Born With Half a Body Will Melt Your Heart: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bonsai the English bulldog will melt your heart.


He was born in April with multiple rare deformities - half a spine, no pelvis and tiny hind legs. His owners gave him to Friends of Emma a Texas rescue organization when he was only three-and-a-half weeks old.

His main condition is Sacral Agenesis (Caudal Regression) which is actually a human condition and Friends of Emma tell INSIDE EDITION that based on weeks of worldwide research, there is not another documented case of an animal living with SA."

Inside Edition

Bonsai may have only half a spine, no pelvis and no hind legs, but like a typical puppy he`s a whirling dervish of fun and excitement.

When I watch this video one word comes to mind and it isn`t sympathy or sadness, it`s: Joie de vivre. This puppy could teach us a thing or two about overcoming the bad hand that fate may have dealt us, and enjoying life.

Bonsai has a blast interacting with his environment and his canine and human friends, he almost inspires me to go to the animal shelter and adopt another puppy, even though I already have my hands full with a pooch and two cats.

This adorable pooch will need costly medical attention for the rest of his life to manage his internal conditions. Friends of Emma has set up a fundraiser page to help support his treatment.

Click here to help support Bonsai.

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