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Published:July 15th, 2015 15:10 EST

Donald Trump Tweets Image of Nazi Soldiers Inside American Flag

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump`s campaign on Tuesday inadvertently tweeted a promotional photo featuring what appeared to be Nazi German soldiers superimposed on the U.S. flag alongside the real estate magnate`s face.


The gaffe, which Trump`s campaign blamed on an intern, comes after he provoked controversy with comments about Mexican rapists immigrating to the United States.

The tweeted picture also shows the White House and a $100 bill and the slogan: We need real leadership. We need results. Let`s put the U.S. back into business!"

NBC News

This is what you would call a visual "Freudian slip"; Nazi German soldiers represent Trump`s values more accurately than the racially diverse American soldiers.

The Trump campaign blamed the gaffe on an intern, really? A real leader takes responsibility for mistakes made by his underlings, the buck stops at his desk. If, God forbid, Trump becomes president and his bellicose rhetoric about Mexicans leads to our neighbor to the south breaking off diplomatic relations, will he blame his Mexican gardeners toiling in the Rose Garden?

Trump is right about one thing: After eight years of Obama`s incompetent administration we need real leadership. But I`m not sure that we should look for leadership from a clown with wispy hair, a hot temper and a racist philosophy.

Trump you are a freaking clown, America needs you as much as we need Nazi soldiers patrolling our streets.

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