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Published:July 18th, 2015 09:56 EST

Bear Breaks Into Pie Shop & Eats All the Pies Except the Rhubarb: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A bear with a sweet tooth broke into a Colorado bakery, ate 24 pies and then took two to go.


But he left the strawberry rhubarb one, the daughter of the owner of the Colorado Cherry Company told the Guardian.

During his late-night feast, he avoided being caught on tape as the surveillance cameras inside the pie shop are pointed away from the room he invaded and towards the freezer  home to many more pies  which he left untouched. He avoided that area and left through the window he entered."

The Guardian

Usually when a burglar breaks into a business he is caught red-handed on surveillance video, but this crafty bear managed to avoid being caught on tape.

This is not your typical bear, he has a discriminating palate, sure he made a pig out of himself by eating 24 pies, a couple bags of cocoa, and a bag of sugar, but he left behind the strawberry rhubarb pie.  

This incident has garnered a lot of publicity, and the grateful owner plans on leaving a pie, hopefully not a rhubarb pie, outside her shop, in case the pie-loving bear comes back.

This bakery is located in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, if those pies contained pot the bear will be back before you can say: Snoop Dogg loves him some weed!

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