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Published:July 21st, 2015 12:49 EST

Joe Biden Bruised After Playing With His Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"U.S Vice President Joe Biden is on the mend from a minor bruise after a little canine roughhousing. Biden was seen on Monday with a dark, penny-sized contusion just below his lower lip. The bruise didn`t appear to be a serious injury."



There isn`t a more heartwarming scene than a man playing with his pooch, and I commend the Vice President for taking time to bond with his canine companion.

But Uncle Joe is 72-freaking-years-old, and he has no business roughhousing with a German Shepherd, at his advanced age he can injure his back just getting up in the morning.

It`s time for Biden to trade in his German Shepherd named Champ for a Chihuahua named Cuddles.

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