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Published:July 22nd, 2015 12:38 EST

Watch Virgin Mary's Lips Move on Painting During Prayer! Holy Tomfoolery!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hundreds of Christians are flocking to church to witness a `miracle` painting of the Virgin Mary who appears to join in with the Lord`s prayer.


Stunned believers filmed the astonishing moment her lips appeared to move on the artwork during Mass last Sunday."

The Mirror

There`s a sucker born every minute, religious conmen and flimflam artists will never run out of sheep to fleece.

George Akary who filmed this video is either a Photoshop wizard or a rank amateur who doesn`t comprehend that light and movement of the camera can play tricks.

These hundreds of true believers who are flocking to church to witness the "miracle" painting of the Virgin Mary are the same morons who buy anointed oil and vials of holy water from the River Jordan from TV evangelists.

If the pastor of this church possessed any spiritual integrity he would chastise his captive audience for being deceived by cheap parlor tricks.

True Christians aren`t going to waste their time venerating a "miracle " painting of the Virgin Mary inside a stuffy church; they would be out in the streets ministering to the homeless.

If the audio on the video is turned up, you can hear the Virgin Mary saying: What a bunch of freaking morons!

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