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Published:July 22nd, 2015 14:14 EST

Weather Report Interrupted by Giant Spider Eating a Fly

By Robert Paul Reyes

"FOX 17 has cameras mounted on the roof of the River House building in downtown Grand Rapids. Because the Grand River runs through downtown, there are a lot of bugs. And where there are bugs, there are spiders, and we see them frequently spinning webs in front of the cameras.
Today, meteorologist Garry Frank was on the air showing the sunrise when a spider came into view and caught its breakfast live on the air." 

Unless there`s a tornado or hurricane in the forecast weather reports tend to be boring but a Michigan meteorologist`s weather report was Must See TV when an outdoor camera captured a giant sider capturing and devouring a fly for breakfast.

Now that`s entertainment! Coverage of hurricanes and tornadoes can be fascinating to watch, but it`s sad to watch people homes and property destroyed. This is a video that we can all enjoy without feeling guilty.

Link to video: