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Published:July 24th, 2015 10:43 EST

Creepy Clown Creates Chaos At Chicago Cemetery: Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The cell phone video tells it all: a person dressed in a clown suit, trespassing at historic Rosehill Cemetery in the dead of night.


Julia Graham says she was freaked out at the figure as it ran toward the main gate. She and her husband were driving by around 10 p.m.

`When we get closer, we realize it`s a clown, which is super weird,` she says.

The first picture her husband snapped was of the clown scaling the 7-foot-tall gate at the Ravenswood Avenue entrance. That feat is no easy task, especially for someone wearing a clown suit."

CBS News

Seeing a clown in any setting is disconcerting and disturbing, but witnessing one of these infernal creatures trespassing in a cemetery is incredibly creepy.

The couple should have performed a service to the community by shooting the clown, and burying the carcass in the cemetery.

When the evil Punchinello observed the couple videotaping him, he didn`t slink away in shame; instead he slowing waved at them.

Obama has a penchant for issuing executive orders, why doesn`t he issue a decree making it legal to shoot to death any clown who ventures out in public?

Clowns are just wrong, I have a visceral hatred of them, and I am on a mission from God to expose these diabolical entities.

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Clowns trespassing in cemeteries aren`t anything new, here`s a video that was posted over a year ago:

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