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Published:July 29th, 2015 12:45 EST

Should the Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion be Executed by Vigilantes?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"We love a good fight, don`t we? Enter Walter J Palmer, a tanned dentist from Minnesota, with a bow and arrow. Along comes Cecil the lion, the alpha male of his pride, minding his own business being the best-known and most beloved lion in Zimbabwe if not in Africa, as well as the subject of an Oxford University study. Then Cecil is shot with a bow and arrow, taking 40 hours to die, all because Palmer thought killing a magnificent animal was sporty."


The Guardian

Palmer pled guilty to a license violation after killing a black bear in Wisconsin in 2008, the sadistic dentist (oxymoron?) has devoted his adult life to butchering wildlife.

The beloved lion was illegally lured out of Hwange National Park, where he had protected status, he was then shot with a bow and arrow, and 40 hours later he was finally tracked down and shot dead. Palmer paid $55,000 for the privilege of shooting the exhausted and wounded lion. Cecil was left skinned and headless on the outskirts of the national park.

Cecil was perhaps the most well-known and beloved lion in Africa, his magnificent black mane made him instantly recognizable. Palmer undoubtedly knew the identity of his prey, but breaking the law by killing a protected lion wasn`t going to stop him from bagging his trophy.

Death threats have been sent to the dentist who killed Cecil, and the coward has gone into hiding. Palmer now understands what it feels like to be prey, in my fantasy he`s tracked down, skinned alive, and beheaded.

Palmer thought he could post the photographs of the murdered Cecil on his Facebook page, and go back to his comfortable middleclass life practicing dentistry.

I`m outraged by Palmer`s callous and calculated act of brutality, and although I desperately want him to suffer a gruesome death at the hands of animal activists, I can`t condone murder. But I hope he will be prosecuted by the authorities in Zimbabwe, and I pray that he will be hounded by animal lovers for the rest of his life.

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