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Published:August 1st, 2015 10:28 EST

Artist Sculpts Cecil the Lion Dedication from Sand

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Beach goers Friday morning shared the shorelines of Delray Beach with a meticulously sculpted sand lion  -- a dedication to Cecil as artist Lee Stoops described it.


Stoops, Delray Beach-based artist, sculpted the 10-foot-long lion with his grandsons, Casey and Cale, on the beach near Boston`s and Burger Fi on Atlantic and A1A. The subject of Stoops` latest sand sculpture is Cecil the lion, who has been the subject of national news coverage.

The 13-year-old lion was hunted and killed this month by a Minnesota-based dentist Walter James Palmer, sparking international outrage."


The artist expects the sculpture to last for only a week; I hope photographers and filmmakers will photograph and video the sculpture to bring awareness of wildlife protection to a wide audience.

Civilization is aghast at Palmer`s cruel and sadistic murder of the beloved big cat, and for days people from every corner of the world have expressed their outrage online.

Our anger is justified and we must vent online, as a warning to other would-be killers of exotic animals, that their butchery will not be tolerated.

But expressing disgust at Palmer`s despicable act isn`t enough; we must use our talents and treasure to protect wildlife.

Let`s follow Stoops` example and do what we can to fight those who kill exotic animals for sport and bloodlust.

Picture of sand sculpture of Cecil the Lion:

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