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Published:August 3rd, 2015 10:26 EST

Man Injured After Bullet Ricochets Off Armadillo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to officials with the sheriff`s department, they are investigating a possible accidental shooting that happened just before 3 a.m., Thursday in the 27,000 block of Highway 77. The man involved told deputies he was shooting at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted and hit him in the head."



This Texas man has a lot of explaining to do, like what exactly was he doing up at such and ungodly hour of the morning shooting at an armadillo.

I realize that everything is bigger in Texas, but even if the armadillo was as big as a rhinoceros, if I saw one go by my bedroom window at three in the morning, I would shake my head, and go back to sleep.

Unless provoked armadillos pose no threat to human beings, this moron should be publically named by the Linden, Texas police department, and he should be ostracized like Walter Palmer, the reprobate dentist who murdered Cecil the Lion.

I don`t have any sympathy for this idiot, or anyone else who is cruel to animals.

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