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Published:August 4th, 2015 12:47 EST

Ty Releases Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In the wake of international outrage over the killing of a protected Zimbabwean lion, plush toy manufacturer Ty Inc. has created a commemorative Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby, the company announced Monday.


The toymaker will funnel proceeds from the Beanie Baby`s sale to the University of Oxford`s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, the company said in a statement. The research unit had been tracking Cecil through a GPS collar prior to his death on July 2."

USA Today

The savage and horrific killing of Cecil the Lion by demented dentist Walter Palmer has unleashed a flood of righteous vitriol aimed squarely at the unrepentant murderer.

We would love to choke the smugness out of Palmer, skin him alive and behead him with a rusty scalpel. But righteous rage that isn`t coupled with construction action is self-defeating; we can take a small but constructive step by buying a Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby.

Buy a Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby for your child; use it as an opportunity to teach him about wildlife conservation.

I don`t have any young children, but I plan on buying one of these plush toys. After venting on this subject for several days, I`m hoping this cute toy will soothe my heart.

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