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Published:August 10th, 2015 11:13 EST

Cecil the Lion Cub Killed by Rival Lion!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cub of slain Cecil the lion was killed by another big cat in Zimbabwe  realizing the worst fears of conservationists following the celebrated feline`s slaughter at the hands of a Minnesota dentist.


Cecil was the leader of his pride, made up of three lionesses and eight cubs, at the time of his slaying by Dr. Walter Palmer in July. Palmer has been in hiding since Cecil`s slaughter was reported.

Without Cecil around, other male lions are likely to kill his cubs and mate with the female cats, experts say."

New York Post

Without the mighty Cecil the Lion to protect him, another big cat killed one of Cecil`s eight cubs. The blood of another lion is on the hands of the killer dentist from Minnesota.

The coward has been in hiding since he slaughtered, beheaded and skinned the King of the Jungle, if he ever resurfaces to promote a book, appear on Oprah, or otherwise try to cash in on his notoriety, I predict that he will be assassinated.

As a society we must demonstrate that we don`t tolerate trophy hunting by making Walter Palmer`s name a byword and a reproach.

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