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Published:August 11th, 2015 12:58 EST

Viral Video: Diesel the English Bulldog Bouncing Off Walls, Cars & Doors

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Jersey woman shared video showing how her English bulldog enjoys playing with boxes more than he cares about walking into walls.


Isabel Santos posted a video to YouTube of her English bulldog, Diesel, obscuring his own vision by holding a box in his mouth."


Cat lovers know that their pets will play with their expensive toys for a couple of minutes, but they will spend an entire day playing with a box. Cats are intrigued by boxes; they will attack them, sleep in them, fill them up with socks and anything else they can grab, and protect them from other felines.

It seems that cats aren`t the only animals fascinated by boxes, Diesel the English bulldog doesn`t want to let go off this box lid, even though it totally obscures his vision, and he keeps bumping into fences, cars and walls.

After three minutes the owner finally takes the box lid away from the hapless pooch. Diesel may not be the smartest canine in the world, but he`s quite entertaining.

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