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Published:August 14th, 2015 14:31 EST

Campaign Aims to Rebrand 'Wife Beater' Shirts 'Respecters'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Australian woman is campaigning to stop A-shirts from being referred to as `wife beaters` with a push to rebrand the clothing items as `respecters.`


Canberra resident Alisa Draskovic said her `This Is Not A Wife Beater` campaign is aiming to end the use of the domestic violence-evoking term when it comes to A-shirts and replace it with `respecter.`"


An A-shirt is short for athletic shirt, but it`s also commonly known as a tank top or by it`s pejorative nickname, wife-beater.

Jocks wear athletic shirts, hot girls wear tank tops, and low-class white men for some strange reason have a penchant for donning wife-beaters when they feel led of the spirit to administer a solid a** whipping to their significant others.

You`d think wife beaters would wear a smock or a coat when beating their women, to prevent blood from splattering all over them, but no these imbeciles wear a garment that affords no protection.

Alisa Draskovic has embarked on a fool`s errand; there is no way on Earth that a wife-beater shirt will ever be looked upon with respect.

A redneck may wear a wife-beater shirt with the phrase "female lives matter " or "respecter " emblazoned on it, but he`s still going to look like a ne`er do well who gets off beating women.

Pic of Respecter wife-beater shirt:

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