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Published:August 14th, 2015 15:04 EST

Moron in Bear Costume Harasses Mom Bear and Cubs in Alaska

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mark Sogge, a spokesman for the department`s Haines office, said Chilkoot Lake weir technician Lou Cenicola saw a man in a realistic-looking bear suit run through a group of people standing at the side of a road watching bears by the Chilkoot River.


Cenicola saw the man run up to the weir gate waving and jumping in an apparent attempt to get the attention of the sow and cubs, which were about 5 to 10 feet away from the gate, Sogge said.

The technician`s report of the incident said Cenicola told the man he could be cited for wildlife harassment and the costumed man left without identifying himself."


Common sense and a respect for wildlife dictates that you give bears a wide berth when you observe them in their natural habitat.

Only a fool dressed in a bear suit will run up to a Mama Bear and her cubs, waving and jumping. It`s a miracle Mama Bear didn`t interpret the man`s actions as a threat, and killed him.

Smokey the Bear would have given this moron  a stern warning, but let`s be honest, most of us are sorry that the bear didn`t shred him to pieces. 

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