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Published:August 14th, 2015 09:54 EST

Rep. Ann Wagner Picks Nose & Eats Booger on Live TV! Resign or be Impeached!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Politicians should keep her noses clean, in a metaphorical way, but Missouri congresswoman Ann Wagner took that idiom literally  and on live television ate a booger.


Following the blockbuster Republican presidential debate on Aug 6th, Rep. Wagner was asked to assess the candidates` performance, and before weighing in she stuck her finger in her nose, and then shoved it in her mouth.

The clip has gone viral, and a few of Wagner`s friends have come to her defense saying she was merely scratching her nose, but most of the good folks who have expressed their opinion online are convinced she`s a booger eater.

With all the press attention that Wagner`s nasty habit has garnered, don`t be surprised if at the next Republican presidential debate all the candidates eat their boogers on live TV, that may be the only way they can steal the spotlight from Donald Trump.

I can tolerate my representative being caught blowing marijuana smoke from his nose, or even having cocaine on his nose, but I would vote him out of office if he was caught sticking his finger in his nose, and eating his booger.

Missouri congresswoman Ann Wagner should apologize to her constituents and resign  --she`s an affront to humankind.

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