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Published:August 14th, 2015 10:30 EST

Viral Video: Melanie the Raccoon Rides Scooter

By Robert Paul Reyes

Shoppers were left doing a double-take after a raccoon was spotted riding a scooter down a busy high-street on Wednesday (12/08). The cheeky critter was captured on video riding a pink toy scooter with its owner outside a branch of Timpson in Tonbridge, Kent. It turns out that this raccoon, named Melanie, has already appeared on Britain`s Got Talent and is set to star in her own TV show. As well as riding a scooter, Melanie can clap, dance and ring bells, although this didn`t impress Simon Cowell who gave Melanie the red light in 2013.


YouTube video description

Raccoons are mean and ornery critters, and I`ve never seen one on a leash, let alone riding a scooter. But it turns out that this raccoon is a celebrity, Melanie Raccoon has shown off her talents on Britain`s Got Talent.

Melanie Raccoon demonstrated her scooter-riding skills outside of a pet store, where her skills are more likely to be appreciated by an animal-loving crowd.

The raccoon`s owner would be well-advised not to take her scooter-riding raccoon to a department store; even if she did wheelies shoppers would probably call animal control.

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