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Published:August 16th, 2015 10:34 EST

Bill Cosby Victim: He Said I Had Been Blessed With His Semen, Like Holy Water

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Three more women came forward Wednesday with accusations of being sexually abused by Bill Cosby   including a former flight attendant who said the creepy comedian grossed her out by sipping champagne from one of her Gucci shoes.


`I said, `Ewww, don`t do that, that`s gross, I just walked 3,000 miles in those shoes`,` Colleen Hughes said. `He raised the shoe toward me offering the drink in my shoe to me and said, `A princess should always drink champagne out of a glass slipper.`"

New York Daily News

Sipping champagne from stinky shoes is weird and disturbing, but that`s not even the strangest testimony ofrom the three latest victims to accuse the disgraced comic of sexual assault.

Linda Ridgeway who was in her 20`s when she had the misfortune to cross paths with the serial rapist alleges that he forced her to perform oral sex, and after the dirty deed was done he mumbled that she had been blessed with his semen, like holy water.

In a perfect world Cosby would be in prison right now doing a life sentence, and getting blessed with semen by a different prisoner every day.

But we live in a not so perfect world where the rich, powerful and famous get away with all sorts of despicable crimes including murder and serial rape.

Cosby may have got away with being a serial rapist for decades, and likely will never spend a day in jail because the statute of limitations has expired.

But thanks to the almost 60 courageous women who have stepped forward, there is no longer any doubt that he is a serial rapist.

It`s incumbent on Cosby`s fellow entertainers to ostracize him, for the press to continue to expose his crimes, and for the general public to boycott him.

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