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Published:August 18th, 2015 14:14 EST

Police Officers Pull Over to Help With Boy's Tie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two Los Angeles police officers took time out from fighting crime to help a 14-year-old boy look his best on his first day of high school.


Officers Jonathan Maldonado and Alberto Ladesma were patrolling in the Boyle Heights neighborhood on Aug. 13 when a female driver and her son flagged them down.

`I saw the kid waving at me and the mother asked if I could help with his tie through her car window,` said Maldonado, a 10-year veteran with the Los Angeles Police Department`s Hollenbeck Division.

The officers pulled their patrol car over to help the boy who was rushing to get to Bishop Mora Salesian High School for orientation."


You don`t have to be a high school counselor, a social worker or a rocket scientist to realize that a 14-year-old kid who rides with his mom to school wearing a tie is going to be bullied unmercifully.

The police officers should have ripped up the kid`s tie and forced him to walk to school, schooling him not to be a mama`s boy.

They should have given the mother a ticket for flagging them down for such a frivolous reason. I can`t believe this incident happened in the City of Fallen Angels.

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