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Published:August 20th, 2015 15:12 EST
What is More Destructive: Donald Trump or a Firenado? Video!

What is More Destructive: Donald Trump or a Firenado? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ever heard of a fire-nado? One photographer in Boise, Idaho caught one on camera on the edge of the Soda Fire.

A fire-nado is a tornado-like spinning column of air and fire that spins up along the front edge of a wild fire. When heat from a wildfire rises, it can begin to spin like a tornado."


In the race for the Republican presidential nomination we have seen tornado Trump upend the GOP clown car, he`s captured the attention of the media, shot to the top of the polls, and rendered his rivals impotent and irrelevant.

Conventional wisdom doesn`t apply to the Teflon Don, a racist or idiotic comment that would doom anybody else`s campaign serves only to improve his already sky-high ratings.

Trump could crap into a sombrero at this next campaign event, use his toupee to wipe his pale-white butt, declare that this is what red-blooded Americans will be eating if we don`t deport every Mexican, and this would be the lead story for weeks, and his ratings would continue to soar.

In Idaho there is a firenado that is wreaking havoc; it`s spinning out of control and setting off new fires. I don`t know what`s a more apt symbol for our dysfunctional democracy, the firenado or Donald Trump?

All I can say is that if Donald Trump is the top candidate in the GOP field, we deserve to be destroyed by a firenado.

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