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Published:August 25th, 2015 12:30 EST
Mystery Object Baffles Scientist during Lightning Storm in Illinois

Mystery Object Baffles Scientist during Lightning Storm in Illinois

By Ron G Anselm

"The thought of us being the only life in this vast Solar System has left many of scientists looking and scrambling for clues to this thought that really holds as much validity as Santa Clause really does exist."

If you think about it the thought of humans being the only life form out there doesn`t make a lot of sense. The only issue is no one, science or otherwise has proven that there are other life forms that live among us. So, all there is to go on is when an out of the ordinary event occurs like what happened on July 13, 2015 in Oak Park, Illinois renews the thought of the possibility that we are not the only ones living alone in the vast spaces of the universe.

During the day a summer thunderstorm popped up and became intense as the evening hours slid into night. The storm brought out the curiosity of some of the local residents who decided to go outside and watch the excitement of vivid streaks of lightening that lit up the sky like atomic bomb explosions.

One of the local residents decided to video tape the impressive display of Mother Nature. As they were videotaping, the camera caught something else other that lightning streaking through the field of view. The image the camera caught raised a lot of eyebrows as to what this was that sent a few chills up the spine of the ones braving the storm.

A bright and glowing object quickly entered the left side of the video in front of rather than behind one of the trees in the close proximity. The object was darting in and out of the field of view of the video and then disappearing as the lightening continued to rain on the distant terrain.

 Now, looking at the above description takes me back to my days in the United States Army and when we were combat training in Germany. On one of our convoys on the fast Autobahn I was riding in one of our Deuce and Half military trucks. I looked out the window and saw a black vehicle what looked to almost be something out of World War two darting in and out and taking pictures of our convoy and military armor.

It turned out to be the Russians spying on us and taking pictures of our military might and taking notes which I found out they are allowed to do as long as they didn`t interfere with our training or military mission or a National incident would have occurred if they did. Lucky for them they didn`t interfere.

The same thing goes for whatever this glowing object was darting in and out from behind trees. Almost the same concept as the Russians, maybe this thing was other life forms taking pictures and making notes and studying us. I know it sounds cray but you have to admit with all the weird things going on today this would not surprise me if it turned out to be true.

This sighting has even gone up the chain to what is known (And I never knew this group existed but it doesn`t surprise me) The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) which is a non-profit group that documents and investigates global UFO sightings and reports. They are not yet releasing the name of the person who caught this on video but they are taking it pretty serious and have even assigned a case number to this sighting. Sounds like something out of Men in Black movie. Maybe call it Funny looking object in Lightning movie. If you want to do further research on this case I am reading that it is listed in the MUFON database as case number 68838.

The witness to this event that took the video of it commented on it, "I was shooting video of a storm cloud emitting heat lightning from our back porch. When I viewed the video I saw a streak of light that I cannot explain or rationalize." (

The mysterious object entered the video at the nineteen second mark of it. As the video was edited after it was taken the object appears to be seen at three different speed settings, normal, medium and slow. The object also seems much closer to the camera as if it was lower to the ground than higher up in the sky.

Scientists are not just passing this phenomenon and incident that happened on July 13th as a UFO sighting, there is also another possible scientific explanation to what it could have been hoovering all around the sky like something off a Jetson`s carton the night of the intense lighting show.

It is a rare hypothesis but there is what is known as Ball Lighting. For many centuries scientists have tried to understand this weather phenomenon and have had little luck finding out the what? Why? And How? of Ball Lighting.

According to the Weather Channel, "It`s rare and unpredictable, which is why researchers don`t know much about it. It can last more than a second, which is considered long-lived for lightning, but it`s hard to capture and study," according to The Weather Channel. "In layman`s terms, ball lightning is a big flash of light that looks circular that appears in the sky during a storm." (Weather Channel, 2015)

And this explanation of Ball Lighting makes sense because the mysterious object was also round.....

So, was this one of our Extraterrestrial friends out for an evening flight trying to learn more about us? Or was it one of the many science phenomenon`s like the theory of Ball Lighting that still has scientists scratching their heads and rushing to collect data to find out the what? How? And Why? That makes science as mysterious as a Stephen King novel. The case is still being investigated....


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