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Published:August 25th, 2015 18:07 EST
The Islamic State: Is it a Complete State or Terror Group

The Islamic State: Is it a Complete State or Terror Group

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Islamic State: Is it a Complete State or Terror Group

The Islamic State (ISIS or IS) is the most readable news in all over the world. The eastern and western media are simultaneously trying to replace the Islamic State (IS) over the ex-hot cake group Al Qaeda. However, the writer of this Article has independently investigated the matters of  Islamic State (IS) through national and international news media as well as social networking sites.

Is Islamic State (IS) a State:  The writer was a student of Humanities Group in Higher Secondary Exam (HSC) and the Civics was his compulsory subject. However, according to sense of Civics or Political Science, a State must be consisted of several elements, such as:

  1. Territory
  2. Population
  3. Government
  4. Sovereignty

Did Islamic State (IS) fulfill the Requirements of a State: If we speak honestly according to the sense of basic Political Science, we have to say that the  Islamic State (IS) has fulfilled the primary criteria to be considered as a complete State but   `vulnerable State`. The Islamic State (IS) has occupied large territory of Syria and Iraq although they do not have any specific boundary of their state. But in many cases, a State may be considered without specific boundary, such as Israel has no specific boundary. On the other hand, the Islamic State (IS) has established their own Government system and also declared Khilafat which can be compared to absolute sovereignty over their territory. Although, the International Recognition is considered as the additional part of a State but it may be fulfilled later. The educated fighters of UK, USA and European Countries have seriously contributed to establish a modern Islamic State (IS) otherwise it would be impossible for the present blunt-arab people to proceed in the smartest way overcoming many obstacles.

Who Created or Patronized Islamic State (IS): This is the most vital question that who created the Islamic State (IS)? In order to answer this question, we have to know that who is being benefited by Islamic State (IS). This is obviously truth that USA, UK, Israel, European countries are directly being benefited by the Islamic State (IS). On the other hand, the Muslim countries of middle east under direct threat by the Islamic State (IS). 

How USA, UK, Israel, European Countries are being benefited by Islamic State (IS): In our visible eyes, we are looking USA, UK, Israel and European countries are talking and fighting against the  Islamic State (IS). But interestingly these countries are directly being benefited by the Islamic State. So, it is a question, how are they being benefited:

  1. Devastating Asad Government in Syria: The Islamic State (IS) is fighting against Syria and occupying its territory. So, indirectly they are fulfilling the wishes or plan of USA, UK, Israel and European Countries.
  1. Boosting the Arms Business: After the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, it was the risk for the Arms Exporter countries to reduce their arms-business. So, the present Islamic State (IS) has created trillion dollars opportunity as well as to expand arms business of USA, UK, Israel, European and other Arms Exporter countries.
  1. Keeping Iran in Pressure: Currently the Shia led Iran is the upcoming power in Middle East. On the other hand, the Islamic State (IS) is completely against the concept of Shia. So, the Islamic State (IS) is necessary to keep Iran under pressure.
  1. Re-Drawing Middle East Map: In the last few years, the USA and its allied countries were very much tired to tackle the luxurious politics of the segregated Middle East countries. That is why, it may be the policy of USA and its allied countries to redraw the map of Middle East which would be easy for them to control the Middle East politics.
  1. Concept of the Islamic State (IS) is not against the USA and its allied countries: The Islamic State (IS) did not give anything new. They are just trying to establish complete Islamic principles over their possessed territory. There are many countries in Middle East which are applying Islamic Laws. So, basically it is not the problem of USA, UK, Israel, European countries to accept the principle of Islamic State (IS).

 Is the Islamic State a Terror Group or a Complete State: If we consider the Islamic State (IS) in the sense of political science, it should be said that the Islamic State (IS) is a complete state but vulnerable state. We do not know the future of Islamic of Islamic (IS) but the USA,UK, Israel and European Countries will never let Islamic State (IS) to be devastated until they create something new-one in future. This is the habit of USA that they create a problem and they force the whole world to combat that problem.



Written By

Md Mahmudul Hasan

LL.B (Hons), LL.M

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Mobile: +88 01971 325050