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Published:August 28th, 2015 10:56 EST

I'm Rooting for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to Destroy Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

Most pundits and political analysts subscribed to the conventional wisdom that once Jeb Bush declared his intentions to seek the Republican presidential nomination, that his name recognition and fundraising machine would vault him to the top of the polls, and his rivals would get lost in his shadow.


But a huge speed bump derailed the GOP clown car driven by Bush; the boring and bland Bush simply can`t compete with the bold and brash Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side of the equation Hillary Clinton was perceived as a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination, but she is losing support amid an email scandal, trust issues, and an unexpected challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Who would have thunk that a reality star would relegate Bush to irrelevancy, and that an avowed socialist would pose a credible challenge to Hillary.

Quinnipiac released a poll this week showing that 28 percent of Republicans support The Donald, with Bush trailing far behind at seven percent. Although Hillary retains a substantial national lead over Sanders, he has overtaken her in the crucial state of New Hampshire.

In 2007 Hillary`s tears in New Hampshire revived her campaign against Obama, but if she loses this time around to Sanders, the witch will be shedding real tears.

Donald Trump may be a braggart, a buffoon, and a racist; but if he manages to drive Bush out of the race he will have accomplished a great service to our democracy. Political dynasties are anathema to a democracy, and the last thing our nation needs is four or eight more years of another Bush in the White House.

Bernie Sanders may be an unrepentant socialist, but if he seriously weakens the candidacy of Hillary he deserves our praise and appreciation. America simply can`t afford four or eight more years of another Clinton in the White House.

I wouldn`t like to see Bernie Sanders or especially Donald Trump in the White House, but for now I am rooting for them to destroy the presidential ambitions of Bush and Clinton.  

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