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Published:September 1st, 2015 16:19 EST

Baby From Hell Bawls When Parents Get To Last Page of Book: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A baby boy has shown his parents that he`s going to grow into a bookworm in a very adorably devastating way. 


In a video shared on YouTube by user Leesedanielle, the two American parents film one another reading books to their son. He intently listens and watches as the book is read to him. 

When his parents finish the last page and say, `The end`, the boy, wearing a `The snuggle is real` shirt at one point, bursts into tears and is seemingly inconsolable.

And the only way to stop his tears? Reading the book again. The cure doesn`t hold for long, however, because when his mom says `The end` yet again, more screams come."

Daily Mail

I take exception with the Daily Mail reporter`s characterization of this bibliophile bawling baby as "adorable ", the little brat works my last nerve.

The father needs to step up the plate and smack the baby`s little butt with the book every time he starts crying, that will teach him not to scream like a damn baby every time his parents finish reading a book.

I commend the baby`s parents for instilling in him a love for reading, but I condemn them for raising a spoiled brat.

The struggle is indeed real, especially when you are dealing with a psychotic baby from hell.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia