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Published:September 5th, 2015 19:00 EST

Female MMA Fighter Holds Phone Thief in Choke Hold, Thief Cries For His Mommy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A phone thief in Brazil ended up crying for his mom and daddy when his victim, a female MMA fighter, put him into a choke hold.
A   bystander filmed Monique Bastos, 23, a professional MMA fighter with a blue belt in jiujitsu, holding a crying Wesley Sousa de Araujo in a triangle choke hold with her legs after he and another man allegedly approached her and a second woman on an Acailandia street and demanded they hand over their cellphones.
Bastos said one of the men got away with her phone, but she was able to get Araujo into a "rear-naked choke" before locking him into a "triangle choke" for the 20 minutes that it took for police to arrive.  "
There`s no crying in baseball, and there`s no crying in the thug life. 
The video of this petty criminal crying out for his mommy while his female victim has him in a choke hold has gone viral, thus guaranteeing that his life behind bars and in the streets will be a living nightmare.
The police in Brazil don`t suffer fools gladly, and they treat criminals with disdain. I bet the cops beat this scumbag within an inch of his life, before they tossed him in jail to be brutalized by the prisoners. Wesley will be crying uncle in the Big House, and he will be calling every inmate "daddy."   Vengeance  deferred  is vengeance denied -- instant street justice can be a beautiful thing.
God bless the bystander who filmed the wimp`s humiliation, he should be awarded a key to the city and a free cell phone. And God bless the female  MMA fighter who dispensed justice so swiftly and brutally. 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia