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Published:September 6th, 2015 09:14 EST

FOX5 Anchor Brad Wills Freaked Out By Little Bug on Live TV! Resign!

By Robert Paul Reyes

WATCH: Big bug gives FOX 5 reporter a big scare: `Are we live?!!`. FOX5 Weather anchor Brad Wills bugs out over huge insect on live TV. Large bug scares weather reporter on live TV. Local Weatherman Freaks Out When A Large Bug Flies At His Face. Reporter is scared by a bug on Air. Fox 5 San Diego Super Lucky Friday. 


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When a weather anchor is reporting live from the beach it`s understandable if he cries out in terror if an octopus reaches out and grabs his microphone, or if a drone buzzes inches from his scalp.

But there is absolutely no excuse for a reporter to go into hysterics over a little bug, Wills should do the right thing and abjectly apologize to his viewers and resign in disgrace.

Wills is an embarrassment to himself, FOX5, journalism and the human race; he might as well turn into a hermit.

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