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Published:September 6th, 2015 10:00 EST

UFO Tomfoolery Will Never Go Away Thanks to Drones, YouTube & Cell Phone Cameras

By Robert Paul Reyes

"PHOTOGRAPHS of a bizarre unidentified flying craft sighting - branded one of the weirdest and clearest on record - are being taken seriously by a recognised global UFO organisation.


UFO photographs are often criticised for being blurred, fuzzy or taken from too far away to tell what it is.

But a photographer snapped these clear images of this bizarrely-shaped craft in the skies over Costa Rica."

Sunday Express

It`s not surprising that the photographs depicted in the link at the bottom of this page were taken seriously by a UFO organization, if I sent a photograph of a Frisbee with the brand name Wham-O clearly visible to MUFON; they would feature it on the front page of their publication.

Twenty years ago I was certain that the UFO craze would eventually dissipate, but with the advent of drones, YouTube, and cell phone cameras this tomfoolery will never go away.

I deserve a Nobel Prize for debunking flying saucers, but I will settle for a nice email if you appreciate my service to humankind.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia