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Published:September 7th, 2015 11:11 EST

Outrage: Cecil the Lion's Killer Plans on Returning to His Dental Practice Tuesday

By Robert Paul Reyes

THE American dentist who killed Zimbabwe`s iconic Cecil the lion has broken weeks of silence, saying he had no idea it was a special feline and announcing he would return to work after lying low.

In his first interview since sparking international outrage over the killing of the black-maned lion, Walter Palmer told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he would be back at his dentistry practice on Tuesday.

The trophy hunter said that he and the others in his party had no clue that the 13-year-old lion they were hunting was the revered big cat that has been a well-known attraction at the Hwange National Park, according to the paper.


This cold-blooded killer is insane if he imagines that after only a few weeks the world has forgotten his horrific crime, and that he can return to practicing dentistry.

Walter Palmer needs to atone for his brutal crime for the rest of his life by supporting wildlife charities, recording PSA`s condemning trophy hunting, and cleaning cages at an animal shelter.

It`s incumbent on animal lovers from all over the world to descend on his dental practice, and protest thereby making it impossible for him to carry on business as usual.

I`m not calling for violence or threats of violence, but I am urging good people to express their indignation. -

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