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Published:September 9th, 2015 15:05 EST

Dog Found Breastfeeding a Starving Abandoned Child: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A two-year-old boy, who police in Chile say was neglected by his mother, was kept alive by nursing on a neighbor`s dog.

The neighbor, Lory Escudero says she called police on Thursday when she noticed the child suckling on her dog Reina.

Escudero said the boy appeared malnourished and was nearly naked while his mother was drunk and accompanied by a visibly drunk man."

CBS News


The compassionate pooch, who is pregnant with a litter of puppies, accepted the starving toddler as her own, nursing him with her life-sustaining milk.

The boy`s mother who is devoid of the milk of human kindness was spending all her money getting drunk, instead of buying milk and nourishment for her son.

The child was treated for malnutrition and skin infections, and is currently under state custody.

I will never again refer to a heartless woman as a bitch; a real bitch (a female dog) loves her puppies and human beings.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia